free user manual for kindle fire hd 8.9

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free user manual for kindle fire hd 8.9

Many app developers now release a version of their products that are compatible with Amazon's version of Android, and even release versions specifically for Kindle Fire HD devices that make use of its HD features. In 2006 the online retailer launched Amazon Web Services, and when it launched its Kindle Fire tablets, it began offering Amazon Cloud storage. Note: Content you sideload to your Kindle Fire HD is not copied to your Amazon Cloud storage space. It remains only on your device and wherever else you have backup copies of that content. However, the Kindle Fire HD supports more than just Amazon's AZW and KF8 file formats.The virtual storefront you see when shopping for digital books while using the Kindle Fire is not an exact replica of the online retailer's website interface, but they share a similar look and feel that allow you to buy a book and put it on your device quickly and efficiently. You can also browse popular titles by genre. 5. Once you have decided which book to buy, tap either its cover image or title to go to its product information page. As a result, not all Android apps will work on a Kindle Fire HD. To better ensure an app will work on your device, the best resource for acquiring apps is Amazon's Appstore. Browse recommendations Swipe both horizontally and vertically to view recommended apps by category based on your previous searches and purchases and on their popularity. If you don't see the app you want listed, tap the See All option that appears alongside each category heading to see all the apps in a category. Follow these steps to remove a book from your Kindle Fire HD: 1. It remains in your Amazon Cloud storage account. Screen size 8.9 inches Display High-definition LCD with in-plane switching (IPS). The manual is automatically downloaded on the desktop or in the file downloads of your computer. The same way is also possible if you prefer to search by choosing the menu: Brands.

To view the documents, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. To download free the most recent version of this software click here. The plastic case with the minimum number of elements remained the same. On the frontThis is really impressive, because the hardware has not changed so much.Now the Wi-Fi module is dual-band forOn the side is the slot for the microSD card, so you do not have to worry about the lack of free memory.Amazon claims that the device works for 8The tablet is still charged through the microUSB port, and not the new USB Type-C, but it's understandable given the cost.This is quite unusual at a time when many manufacturers are producing smartphones with QuadPhotos and videos should look a little better.However, we are confident that Amazon will not use a bad display for its tablet, unlike many ChineseWe can not comment on the quality of the photos, but even if they look good on the tablet screen, you can change your mind when uploading picturesIn the queue, we should mention Alexa. This voice assistant with artificial intelligence.You need to click the Home button to activate the voice assistant. You can ask him about almost everything: football matches,You can pause the video or continue with voice commands.As you know, the Amazon tablets run on the FireOS operating system. The main screen of this platform offers shortcutsIt also takes some time to get used to the FireOS interface. The case features a magnetic closure, and your Kindle Fire can wake or be put to sleep whenever you open or close the case.It is also quite common that customers throw outUser manuals are alsoTry Google Search! Thank you. User Manual - GOgroove BlueSENSE TRM Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Posted by: Joel Schwartz 2020-09-17 19:24:05 Please send pdf. Outgoing Mic volume - Plantronics.Audio 355 Headset 79730-21 Posted by: Donna J 2020-09-17 19:18:10 I can hear others fine but they can’t Hear me with the volume up 100% on the 355 model hardwired.

Outgoing Mic volume - Plantronics.Audio 355 Headset 79730-21 Posted by: Donna J 2020-09-17 19:15:36 I can hear others fine but they can’t Hear me with the volume up 100% on the 355 model hardwired. Its small size and flexibility makes it the top choice. Download this file now. Feel free to copy and share this with your friends and family.This manual outlines how to do just about anything with Amazon's combination tablet and e-reader. It's a range of quality tablets that can be used to read books, enjoy videos and, browse the web. Over the years, 6-inch and 10-inch varieties have been released. At the time of writing, the current devices are the Amazon Fire 7, and Fire HD 8. The Fire HD 6 and HD 10 tablets can still be purchased in some regions. A minimum 1 GB of RAM (1.5 GB on the HD 8) enables the tablet to run perfectly with the quad-core, 1.3 GHz processor. The Fire also includes some sensors: light (HD 8 only), accelerometer, and gyroscope. There's also front (0.3 megapixel) and back (2 MP) cameras.The difference comes from the marketplace ecosystem. On Android, you're mostly tied to Google Play. On the Amazon Fire, it's the digital services of Amazon. As such, the Amazon Fire requires an Amazon account, rather than a Google account. Amazon Prime members get the benefit of movies, TV shows and music as part of their subscription, which can all be enjoyed with the Fire tablet. This versatility makes the tablet a good choice of TV catchup device, just as it is a good choice for an eBook reader. Many of us have the Kindle mobile app that does essentially the same thing. But with the Amazon Fire, you have your library of books and other media presented to you front and center.So how does the Amazon Fire really differ from a standard Kindle device ? They're not optimized for playing music and video, they don't have as much storage space or a fast processor and they don't have all the color displays.

With millions of fans, the Kindle is a popular eBook reader, recognizable by its striking graphite frame. It can display books on a screen without the use of a backlight. If you're familiar with LCD display, you might have noticed that these can produce negative effects such as headaches. With no backlight, E-Ink devices don't have this issue, allowing the user to enjoy hours of comfortable reading.They really want you to use the device to access their services, after all! Drag down the notification area to access the Quick Settings menu. This removes the credentials of the person that purchased the tablet. New details can now be inputted using your existing Amazon account. If you're new to Amazon, you can sign up via the tablet. Make sure you create a strong password, too. Note also that Amazon will require you to associate a credit or debit card with the account. This is so you can purchase books, video and music to enjoy on the Amazon Fire.We'll look at the various options for this later in the guide ( 7.4 Configuring Wireless Networking on the Amazon Fire ).However, more detailed account management isn't possible without logging into your local Amazon website. You can do this via the tablet browser, or on your desktop. From here, you will be taken to a page listing all eBooks associated with your account. You'll see three tabs: Your Content, Your Devices, and Settings. Use this last option to add and remove payment cards to and from your Amazon account.But instead of the familiar styling of the Android user interface, you'll find an environment that can be scrolled and swiped. Here, books and apps are listed, along with games, movies, and even audiobooks. In short, if you can buy and enjoy via Amazon's digital delivery service, you'll find it here. Similarly, the Settings menu can be opened via the Quick Settings drop down menu.

Opening this will enable you to toggle the rotation lock, adjust volume, brightness and connect to Wi-Fi, as well as syncing books with Amazon and providing access to a whole host of additional advanced settings. First and foremost is the basic tap, the tablet version of a left-mouse click on a computer. Following this is the tap-and-hold which offers a context menu of additional options in some scenarios. The swipe will enable you to browse your device contents while the pinch-to-zoom gesture uses the forefinger and thumb and is used to zoom in and out of images and web pages.Dragging this bar down reveals the Notification Area, where you will find information about apps, new emails, etc. Often these notifications can be tapped to take you to the appropriate app. When you're done checking the notifications, tap the Clear All button. You can also use this button to restart the tablet. Search is capable of finding books by file format, title and topic. This is done by tapping into the Search box, which will open the Search page. Results will be displayed here when the search term is entered.Tapping the Library button will turn the search focus back to your device, where apps and games can also be searched for in addition to books and documents. While reading a book, you might want to jump to a particular chapter or find a certain word. This can be done in book view by tapping the magnifying glass Search button and inputting your search term. Note that successful results might take a while to return; the longer and more accurate the search phrase, the better! This might happen automatically when you are required to complete a form for setting up email or connecting to Wi-Fi, or it might happen when you tap into a text field. A good example is the Search box. From here, a third keyboard of options displaying math symbols is available in the position of the left shift key, while the main alphanumeric keyboard can be reinstated via the ABC key.

You can drag the cursor into position, if necessary.To select text on a web page or book or in a field you have completed, double tap to select the word and then tap it once again to display the Edit text menu, where the options Cut and Copy are available. To paste cut or copied text, long tap the text field once again, and select the Paste option. In both portrait and landscape modes, using it results in almost half of the screen being dedicated to the keyboard. To get around any problems reading the information you're entering you can use your finger to scroll the web page or field, or simply use the close keyboard using the back button. Here you will find details about the product, screenshots and reviews from other users and recommendations for other similar (and perhaps better) apps. This is the case whether the app or game is free or paid. You will see a price listed on the app or game description page, so tap this, then Get App.Doing this will open up the entire Android app selection to your tablet, but note: not everything will work as intended.The first is the Home screen, where native and newly installed apps can be found. These can be listed By Title or by the most recently used, and the Search tool is provided to find any that you can't track down. The second place is the Apps screen. Note that if you're looking for Games, they can be found in the appropriate screen. Finally, the Recents screen provides links to all recently-used apps, games, and media. From time to time, you will probably decide that you no longer wish to keep an app on your Amazon Fire. If this is the case, you can uninstall it easily by opening the Apps screen, long-tapping the app icon and selecting Uninstall. If you prefer to simply tidy up the Recents screen, however, rather than delete apps, tap and hold the items you're unhappy with and select Remove from Home, thereby hiding said book, movie, TV show, audio, or app. Or you can use Remove from Device to uninstall. 4.

4 Suggested Apps for the Amazon Fire In most cases you should be able to manage with the apps provided free as part of the operating system. However, if you wish to take advantage of the various free apps in the Amazon App Store, there are several that you shouldn't miss. Skype -- use your existing Skype details to login and chat with voice and video with your friends and family. The Weather Channel -- keep abreast of the weather with this, don't let your day be ruined by rain. Evernote -- the popular note-taking app is available for the Amazon Fire. Pocket -- if you've ever come across an article on the web that you would like to read but don't have time for right now, this app will help you out. Netflix -- enjoy TV shows and movies from the Netflix streaming service. A monthly subscription is required. In addition to these, the usual Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn social networking apps are available, along with alternative browsers, email clients, and even eBook reading software and media players. Explore and you'll find something you like. Note, however, that some apps are complete trash. Additionally, if an Android user installed the Amazon App Store, they would be opening their device up to some security risks. As such, please stick to the most trustworthy apps with the best star ratings and reviews. 5. Music, Video and Books on Amazon Prime With your Amazon Fire in your hand, you can read books, browse the web, access your email, and enjoy apps and games from the comfort of your living room, office, or on the train. But did you know that this device is also a portable multimedia device. While 8 GB might not seem like a lot of space (the typical size of a Blu-ray Disc is 25 GB!), you don't need to worry too much. First, the device is expandable, up to 256 GB. To enjoy this, the Amazon Fire is equipped with a media player capable of playing back music and video stored on your device and streamed to it from the web.

And as an Amazon produced device, reading eBooks, magazines and comics is simple. 5.1 Sync Media to the Amazon Fire You'll probably want to copy media files to and from your tablet from time to time. It's as easy as syncing data to a smartphone. On your computer, open your file manager (for instance, Windows Explorer), and find the tablet listed as a new drive. With the drive open, you will see several folders. The best way of doing this is to open another Explorer window, find the folder where the data you wish to sync to your Amazon Fire is stored, right-click, and select Copy. Switch back to the original window, open the corresponding folder, right-click in the empty space, then select Paste. Or you could just drag-and-drop. To enjoy your media, return to the Amazon Fire and tap the Disconnect button. You can then remove the USB cable and start enjoying the synced content! 5.2 What Is Amazon Prime. As a product that comes straight from Amazon, the Amazon Fire is designed as a media consumption device -- a receiver for digital distribution. This means that several Amazon services are integrated, such as Amazon Prime. Initially launched as a subscription-based two-day free shipping service (also offering a one-day shipping discount), Amazon Prime has been expanded by Amazon to include Amazon Instant Video, enabling instant streaming of movies and TV shows to your computer -- or your Amazon Fire. There is no due date on these titles, although lending is limited to one book per month. If you don't already have an Amazon Prime membership, you can set one up by logging into the Amazon website, opening My Account, and following the instructions via the appropriate link. 5.3 Buying Movies, TV Shows, Music, and Books with the Amazon Fire Even if you have an Amazon Prime membership, you'll find that there are still items that you cannot enjoy for free. In this scenario, you'll need to buy or rent content. The same goes for reading.

So just how do you get started buying or renting content. By this point, you should have three things: A wireless network connection. An Amazon account. A credit or debit card associated with that account. With these ready, you're all set. It only takes a few taps to find and download the music, movies or magazines you want to read. However, the process for buying the different types of media on the Amazon Fire differs slightly. 5.4 Buy and Watch Videos Using Amazon Prime, you can stream movies and TV shows with the Prime Instant Video service, choosing from thousands of videos. Unlimited streaming is offered, while choices can be made based on what people nearby are watching. The typical Amazon recommendations are also provided. Note that in addition to the instant video option there are movies and videos -- typically new and popular titles -- that you will need to pay for. Note that when you see the More Purchase Options link, this usually means that high definition versions are available. However, on a small Amazon Fire HD 7, this might not be wise if you haven't expanded the storage with a new microSD card. Note that the rental period is always stated in the individual video listing. Meanwhile, if you find a title you want to watch but don't have time or money to buy or rent it now, use Add to Watchlist to come back to it another time, Once the transaction is complete, you can begin enjoying the film or TV show of your choice! 5.5 Video Sync and Settings If you foresee being offline for any length of time, it's a good idea to sync videos from your PC, rather than downloading via Amazon. To do this, connect your Amazon Fire to your computer with the USB cable, and sync as explained above. When syncing, be wary of the comparatively small 8 GB of storage on your Amazon Fire -- don't copy too many videos. The Amazon Fire will play MP4 and MKV format videos, along with 3GP, M4V, and WEBM. Videos in the AVI format will not work.

From here, scroll to Personal Videos, where you can select the video to play it. To access the advanced settings, drag the menu from the left-side of the screen, or tap the hamburger button, and tap Settings. For video, you will see Disable HD purchase warning; when high definition videos are purchased on the Amazon Fire by default a pop-up window is displayed, intended to prevent accidental purchases of videos that are more expensive than their standard definition alternatives. Simply tap the switch against this option to disable this warning. Meanwhile you can also Clear Video Search History. This is effective for video searches only. You can also manage Parental Controls here, and toggle whether the next episode of a series is played automatically with the Auto Play switch. 5.6 Finding Music for Your Amazon Fire Once music has been copied to your device from your PC, you will be able to play it back in the Music screen. Files in the AAC, MP3, MIDI, OGG and WAV formats can be played on your Amazon Fire. Music is sorted by Playlists, Albums, Artists, Songs, and Genres, while a Search tool is also provided. You can easily Browse the full Amazon music library, and find your own previous purchases and synced music via My Music. To play a song, tap the title or album art. Music can play while you do other things on your Amazon Fire, such as reading, or browsing the web. Just tap the square Overview button to switch apps. Of course, this isn't the only way to enjoy music on your Amazon Fire. You also have the option of Amazon Radio, curated selections of music in almost any genre you can think of. Various music settings are also available. Find these via the cog in the top-left corner of the Music library view. You'll also find options to adjust Streaming Bitrate and the Streaming Cache Size. There's also the Offline Music Mode, for playing music without a connection, and Clear cache -- a useful option for speeding up search and playback of tracks. 5.

7 Playing and Managing Audible Audiobooks One of the many benefits of Amazon's ecosphere is the Audible audiobook range, which is available to Amazon Fire users. You'll find it has a dedicated screen where all audiobooks that you've previously bought will be listed. And if you're new to Audible, they often have introductory offers. Audiobooks can be easily bought from the store by tapping the item to read the description, and then tapping the Buy option. However, note that an Audible subscription affords at least one credit each month. This means that you can use your credits to buy; use the Buy for 1 Credit button to do this. If buying one credit every month seems too much, find out about Audible's secret Silver Plan. To play your audiobook, find it in your Library, and tap Play; it's that easy. You might want to make sure your device is connected to the internet for the book to download before you head out, though. Meanwhile, you can alter your Audible settings. This is accessed by opening the hamburger menu and clicking Settings. Sound can be improved by activating High Quality Format, and you can also toggle Push Notifications. Skipping through an audiobook is by default done in 30 seconds chunks. The smallest jump is 10 seconds; the longest 90 seconds. 5.8 A Focus on Reading With at least 8 GB of storage available on your Amazon Fire, you could easily spend the rest of your life enjoying books downloaded to the device. Although sporting a different look and feel to the more recognizable Kindle devices, the Amazon Fire remains at heart an eBook reader. To buy books and magazines, open the Books tab, then tap Store. Your tablet will display the Kindle store, enabling you to begin browsing a vast library of millions of titles. Books, magazines and comics can be found here. Once you have found the publication you wish to read, use the Buy Now button to instantly purchase and download the title to your Amazon Fire.

Thanks to recent acquisitions by Amazon, you're also able to sync audiobooks and comics to your Amazon Fire tablet. Amazon now offers a massive collection of digital comics. In addition to Kindle eBooks, documents and eBooks in other formats can be read on your Amazon Fire: Kindle Format 8 (KF8) Kindle Mobi (.azw) TXT PDF MOBI PRC As a result, you can enjoy books, magazines, and even comics on your Amazon Fire. And where appropriate, presented in full color for your enjoyment! 5.9 Finding Free Titles to Read Thanks to the endeavors of publishers and authors, many titles -- good and bad -- are available free from time to time. That's right: free. Of course, the main problem with downloading free books from Amazon to your Amazon Fire is finding them. The simplest way is to use the search tools in the Kindle Store, but the downside with this is that you might spend hours browsing through the free titles. Various websites offer updates when new eBooks are available free, while some Kindle users even maintain Amazon wishlists of free titles. If you have any magazines and books saved on your computer in a suitable format, these can be copied to your device by connecting a USB cable. Want to get rid of a book from your Amazon Fire. Open Books and find the title, using the Search tool if necessary. Once you have found the disappointing book, tap and hold, selecting Remove from Device. This will then prompt the book to be deleted from your Amazon Fire, although note that it will remain available in your Amazon Cloud. 6. Accessing the Web on Your Amazon Fire We've already mentioned that the Amazon Fire is part-eBook reader, part-media player, and part-tablet, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the device's internet connectivity. While previous Kindle models omitted browsing (at least by default) the Amazon Fire positively embraces it, providing a native browser so users can enjoy the basic portable computing experience that has become synonymous with tablets. 6.

1 The Silk Browser The native means of accessing the World Wide Web on your Amazon Fire is designed to be as fast as possible, something achieved by using the Amazon cloud servers to process some of the requested web page information. Accessible via the Silk Browser link in the Home screen the browser (which, like Google Chrome, is based on the open source Chromium project) presents you with a new tab at launch, an address bar and some regularly-visited shortcuts including Facebook and Google. Look for the Home button to get to the home page quickly, while the bookmark button will open a full sub-menu. The Add bookmark button is a faster way of setting the currently-viewed webpage as one of your favorites. Share page, meanwhile, enables sharing of the URL with others via email, chat, Facebook -- whatever suitable apps you have installed. Find in page is a search tool designed to aid in finding text on a particular web page, while History displays a list of all websites visited for the past month. The Clear All button at the top of this page will delete your history. While using the browser you will notice that the address bar scrolls up as you make your way down a page. Finally, the hamburger menu button offers various features, such as Reading List, and History. The Downloads button displays a list of files that are currently downloading through your browser, while Settings opens a new screen where a range of advanced configuration options can be found. 6.2 Configuring the Silk Browser There are various advanced settings that can be applied to the Silk Browser to ease your browsing experience. In the browser, open the hamburger menu to enter the Settings screen. Use the Clear browsing data option in Privacy to clear the cache (which includes temporary internet data, history, and cookies), and enable Do Not Track. In this screen, you can also enable Safe Browsing to block dangerous sites.

The Settings screen is split up into various other sections where similar options are grouped. Under Accessibility, for instance, you'll find Text Scaling to adjust the Font Size. Meanwhile under Advanced, you can change your Search engine, and set Site settings to ensure a secure browsing experience. As such, sites will have to ask permission for accessing your Location, Camera, etc. Also in Advanced, you'll find Cloud Features, which when enabled will speed up browsing. One of the first options you'll spot is Household Profiles. This is where you can setup dedicated screens for each user of the device. Note, however, that a user is added by pulling the notification area, tapping the default user, and selecting New User. You can do this from any screen on the Fire. The next thing you should do is enable Parental Controls to restrict purchasing. You don't want any surprise bills on your account. Content can be restricted via the Amazon Content and Apps screen, which covers everything from the Newsstand and Alexa to the web browser, apps and games, books, videos, even the camera. Password Protection settings, meanwhile, can be used to control access to Location Services, Wi-Fi, and Prime videos. If privacy is an issue, Location Services should be disabled. You can also block access to the Amazon Stores, covering all items for sale on Amazon, physical and digital. It's recommended that you enable Password-Protect Purchases regardless of whether you have children. This is usually enabled by default. Social Sharing is also blocked by default. Finally, profiles can be monitored ( Monitor the Profile ) and restricted ( Set Restricted Access ) using the toggles at the end of the Parental Controls screen. This means that you receive reports on how the tablet is used via the Amazon website. Although quite “locked-down” when compared to other Android tablets, the Amazon Fire has plenty of options for the average user, accessed via the hidden settings menu.

These options enable you to manage aspects such as screen rotation and adjusting the way the device connects to wireless networks and even its battery use. 8.1 The Amazon Fire Menu Bar Throughout the Amazon Fire's user interface there are two key menus. We've looked at one of these in various guises throughout the guide so far; each app and book on the device has a menu across the bottom edge of the screen, used for navigating within the app and within the device itself. This menu -- sometimes referred to as the toolbar -- is virtually ubiquitous on the tablet. In addition, however, is a settings menu largely hidden from accidental access. Displaying it is easy however -- just drag down the Quick Settings menu and tap the Settings cog. Also in the Quick Settings menu, you will see: Brightness -- a brighter screen can be achieved by dragging the slider from left to right. Note that a brighter screen means faster battery drain. Wi-Fi -- setup and configure connectivity options, and tap to toggle on and off. Aeroplane Mode -- toggle this when flying, or if you want to quickly disable Wi-Fi. Blue Shade -- adds a suitable filter for night-time reading. Do Not Disturb -- prevents notifications from disturbing you during the night. Camera -- launches the camera app, which includes a video camera, and a HDR setting. You can quickly access the camera reel via the button in the bottom right corner. Help -- provides a nice searchable guide to using the Amazon Fire. Auto-Rotate -- tap this to fix your current orientation (portrait, landscape) or leave as is for the tablet to rotate the screen as required. Settings -- see above. Also on the menu bar, you'll see an icon displaying the remaining battery life. When this is low, or red, plug in the device to recharge. 8.2 Battery Management Like many portable devices, the Amazon Fire relies on a built-in rechargeable battery for power.